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Every year, from October 1st to April 30th, during the opening period of the site, take off on a tandem paraglider from one of the most beautiful European winter free flight site.

The takeoff takes place in a few steps on a slight slope from the heights of Monaco and Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, about 700 meters above sea level.

In flight, comfortably seated in your harness and installed in front of your instructor and pilot, you are at the forefront to enjoy a 360 ° view and an exceptional panorama of the French Riviera from Monaco to Italy, as well as to the surrounding hills and villages.

If the sky is clear, you can see the snowy peaks of Mercantour north, and with luck, the reliefs of Corsica to the south.

In flight, no noise, an immense feeling of freedom, the breath of our relative wind on the face, the extraordinary and indescribable sensations of free flight ....

We will end the flight over the turquoise sea followed by a soft landing on the feet a few meters from the water ....

So, do not wait, do yourself a favor or please a loved one by offering an original gift!

Rates of flights in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin / Monaco

90 €

discovery tandem flight

It is a good formula to discover our activity gently, ideal for children, small weights and people possibly prone to motion sickness ...

A takeoff in a few steps, a peaceful glide of 700 meters of altitude, you will discover the unique sensations of free flight and an exceptional panorama of the Riviera from Monaco to Italy !

Flight time : 10 to 20 minutes Passenger weight required : min. 35 kg / max. 100 kg

Allow 1h30 of availability

110 €

thermal tandem flight

Have you ever flown and / or wish to spend more time in the sky? ..... Your pilot will make best use of thermal updrafts and / or dynamics (when they are present ....) to keep us in the air and prolong the pleasure.

Flight time : 20 to 30 minutes Passenger weight required : min 50 kg / max 100 kg

Allow 1h30 of availability

130 €

performance tandem flight

Higher, further, longer !

This flight requires well trained ascendants to offer a true walk of several kilometers.

Flight duration : 30 to 40 minutes Passenger weight required : min 50 kg / max 100 kg

Allow 1h30 of availability

Flight options 

For those who want more, here is a list of options available in addition to the proposed flights

25 €

sensation option

For those who have a good heart and who are not subject to motion sickness ... Your pilot will perform various maneuvers such as pitching, 360 engaged and wing over, in the second part of flight, to help you discover accelerations, centrifugal force and pendulum effect.

25 €

  piloting option

Want to find out more about the activity? You hesitate to undertake training in order to steal your own wings? Some theoretical and practical explanations will allow you to take the controls and to realize your first exercises, control of trajectory, turns, discovery of the range of speed, pitch, roll, approaches, safely on the advice of your monitor.

30 €

     video option

This is a video report and photos in full HD, made using an onboard camera mounted telescopic boom, which will allow you to keep a memorable memory of your flight, to share without moderation with your family and friends, and will be given to you directly after the flight on a memory card.

Itinerary and access, point of principal appointment

Plan of take off, landing and meeting point

The appointment point for flights will be at different locations that will be determined together before the flight, namely : Generally below at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin : on the bridge over the railway line, near the landing and the Cabbé SNCF train station.

Either at the top of the Lai Barrai takeoff car park or at the Mont Gros takeoff car park.

Or halfway in La Turbie, on the access road to take off.

Please refer to the maps below to see the exact location of possible venues and the location of the take-off and landing sites.

Location, access, meeting points


Informations and booking 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information and / or to book :


Aile Libre Parapente

352 chemin de Blaqueirette

06460 St-Vallier de Thiey

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